I’ve been struggling to keep up with my bills and pay for basic things like my energy costs. I work part-time and receive some benefits, but I feel that my income does not cover my expenses. I know there are cost-of-living payments being made but have not received mine. Can you help?

Check your benefit entitlement

The ongoing cost of living crisis means that more Scots are struggling to make ends meet than ever before.

Although you have highlighted that you are already receiving benefits, it is always worthwhile checking you are receiving everything you are entitled to. You can use Advice Direct Scotland’s free, online calculator at to check for any additional benefits you may be entitled to.


Cost-of-living payments

You may be eligible to receive an additional payment to help with the cost of living if you are in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits. This will be paid automatically in the same way you receive your other support, and you do not need to apply for the payment.

Cost-of-living payments will be made between April 2023 and April 2024 and will support people on means tested benefits, pensions, and disability benefits.


How much am I entitled to?

The value of the payments will differ based on the type of benefits you receive.


Anyone on an eligible low-income benefit should have received £301, paid between the 25th of April and the 17th of May 2023.

To receive this, you must have been in receipt of the qualifying benefit between the 26th of January and 25th of February 2023.

For people on an eligible disability benefit, a payment of £150 will be paid during summer 2023, with the exact date yet to be confirmed.

People on an eligible low-income benefit will receive a payment of £300 during autumn 2023, and pensioner households will also receive £300 in winter 2023 to 2024, with the exact date for these support payments also yet to be confirmed.

Payment of £299 will be made to people on eligible low-income benefit, to be paid in spring 2024.


You will not be eligible for the Cost-of-Living Payment if your earnings reduced your Universal Credit to zero for the qualifying assessment period. If money has also been deducted for other reasons, such as payments of rent to your landlord or for money that you owe, you might still be eligible.


Reporting a missed payment

If you think you should have had the payment, but you cannot see it in your bank, building society or credit union account, you can report a missing Cost of Living Payment via the DWP website.

You can do this at

If you have already reported a missing payment, you do not need report it again, as the DWP will reply to you as soon as they can.


Further information

Advice Direct Scotland run and can provide advice and information on a range of issues, including employment, housing, benefits, and much more.

The team can check your eligibility to benefits, and also help with applications if you need them to.

You can contact them on 0808 800 9060, Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm, or alternatively visit, where you can also find the benefits calculator.

The team can also refer you on to sources of funding support, including the Scottish Government’s Home Heating Support Fund, which can help if you are struggling with energy costs, or rationing fuel to get by.

For more information on the fund, visit